Industry leading solar technology

Choosing the right solar system and panels can seem a bit daunting as there are many options available, but it doesn’t need to be. We only supply and fit industry leading technology, a range of products to suit different budgets, ensuring you will have the best performing system to meet your needs.

In roof solar or on roof solar?

Solar panels don’t have to be a bit of an eyesore. What you see on most houses are ‘on roof’ panels, they sit slightly proud of the tiles, for which we recommend bird proofing to avoid nesting. But there is a better looking alternative ‘’in-roof’ PV integrated panels replace the roof slates or tiles, so they are part of the roof itself, rather than sitting on top of it. Since the solar panels sit flush with the tiles or slates, as well as looking sleeker, birds can’t nest there.

Solar systems – chosen for optimum performance

Solar Edge is a top of the range system with a number of additional features that make this optimised system one of our favoured products.

Optimised generation – with traditional inverters, output of all of the panels is reduced if one panel is not generating maximum output e.g it’s in the shade or dirty. Solar Edge optimisers combat this, ensuring each individual panel is generating the maximum energy it can at all times.

Panel monitoring – it’s easy to track how the system and each panel is performing real time through the clever Solar Edge app.

Safety – inverters working alongside optimisers will automatically disconnect high DC current in case of emergency. Optimisers also have built in Arc detection which dramatically reduces the risk of fire.

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Alpha Ess is a mid range system that outperforms other systems in this price bracket. It’s a great all in one string hybrid inverter system which links to an app showing how much energy the system is generating at any one time.

Alpha Ess have a range of single phase inverters and a 10kw 3 phase inverter all of which can be paired with batteries of varying sizes. What’s great about these batteries is that they are modular, making it very simple to install additional storage at a later date.

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This is a revolutionary device that works with any string inverter and panel and ideal if you have a small number of shady panels or a few panels on another orientation. Tigo optimisers opens up the possibility of having a cheaper string inverter system installed where it wasn’t an option before due to shading.

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Solar panels – where both looks and performance matter

Black monocrystalline panels are the only panel type we install, and this is why:

Performance – monocrystalline panels draw out the maximum amount of energy possible even in low sunlight, as such they are much more efficient than the older polycrystalline panels.

Looks – some panels can be ugly and can stand out on a roof. Black panels give a more sleek look.

In addition to standard monocrystalline panels we also install a superior, slightly more expensive version: N type panels. The major advantage being that they are not susceptible to light degradation and have a longer life span, coming with a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

We are also registered REC panel installers. REC is an industry leader in new solar panel technology, with their latest panels delivering high power output even in shady conditions. They are also incredibly reliable, retaining 86% – 92% of power in year 25 of the panel’s life span.

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