What to expect

It’s actually a pretty simple and painless process and we normally get systems up and running within 4 weeks. Whatsmore throughout you’ll have direct contact with one of our senior engineers, and the team at the office are always on hand to help.

Once you’ve got in touch, we’ll give you a call to understand more about what you’re wanting. We’ll ask for some information about your home – its location, which way it faces the sun, the roof size and your current electricity tariff / bills. This will help us evaluate what’s going to work best for you.

This typically lasts around an hour, during which we’ll discuss in more detail your requirements and electricity usage. We’ll carry out a full site survey to enable us to work out the best solution for your home, ensuring the panel design is aesthetically pleasing. It’s here we’ll also be able to explain the detail behind how our solar systems work and the range of products we work with.

Following the home visit we’ll get a proposal to you, normally within 48 hours. This will include the proposed design, the estimated generation capacity of the system, installation price, cost savings and payback period. It will also include the terms and conditions for you to review and installation timelines if you decide you want to go ahead.

Once we hear you’d like to proceed we put in an application to the National Grid for G98/99 approval. This will confirm that our proposed system complies with the required regulation and provides permission to connect to the electricity network. This process normally takes around a couple of weeks.

Everything we do is with care and respect for your home, we will keep any disruption and mess to an absolute minimum. Before we start we’ll complete a health and safety risk assessment, plus discuss and agree cable routes and siting of components. Our team of tradespeople are on hand to make good anything needing repair after installation, or to carry out any groundworks where required.

The day before we start, our scaffolding team will come and erect any scaffolding needed, this will be removed in the immediate days after we have finished. On the day our roofers and electricians arrive together, they will be on site for 1-2 days depending on the size of your system. During this time we will need to turn off your power but this should be for no longer than an hour.

This normally happens at the point of installation when we are onsite, but if it isn’t convenient we can arrange to come back. We’ll walk you through the system, explain how to use it through our clever app, and make sure you have a full user guide for reference. After handover we are happy to help if you are unsure of anything, just get in touch.

We will remotely monitor your system, if it does happen to flag a fault we can often rectify it without you even knowing. If not, we’ll contact you and come out to resolve it. This isn’t something that happens a lot, but you have peace of mind in case it does.

It’s important to regularly maintain your system to keep it working as effectively as possible. If birds become a problem, we can bird proof the panels, it’s also recommended to clean your panels once a year. When at the house we are also happy to check things over and make sure everything is running as efficiently as it can.

If you think turning to solar could be for you, get in touch today