EV charging made easy

Filling up with fuel is easy. Keeping an electric car or van charged however, can be a little more complicated and may make it seem like a complex job but it doesn’t need to be. If any of your workforce have an electric vehicle or you have a fleet of vehicles, commercial grade EV chargers are a must.

We can install one or multiple chargers at your business premises with faster charging rates than domestic units. Charging at work will help your staff and clients have enough for their daily driving needs.

There are many brands of EV charger, and technology is continually advancing, but don’t worry we do the hard work for you evaluating the best of what’s available. We currently supply and fit two brands Rolec and Sevadis. Both units have an excellent reputation for reliability and also look great, they also come with the added benefit of being able to integrate with solar systems as well as being able to charge the end user for the power they have used.

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