Time to upgrade?

Solar technology advances quickly, and upgrading your system can result in improved performance, saving you more money. Older model inverters often become less efficient after 10 years and can fail.

Our skilled electrical engineers can perform a health check on your existing solar system and advise on what can be done to get it back to optimum performance. We can upgrade inverters, add ancillary products such as hot water devices and batteries to make sure you get the optimum performance from your system.

Think you may have a problem? We offer a fault diagnosis service, pinpointing where the issue lies and what we can do to fix it.

It’s also a good idea when thinking about upgrading the performance of your solar system to get your electrical wiring checked. It’s recommended that commercial properties have their electrics checked and tested every 3-5 years.

Let us help you get your solar and electrics running as efficiently and effectively as possible.