Time to turn to solar?

More and more businesses are turning to solar energy to combat the cost of higher electricity costs. Solar PV can save businesses a fortune in electricity costs, especially if you are a high user and have the roof space available.

Solar energy will also help reduce your impact on the environment – your carbon footprint. Solar electricity is low carbon, renewable energy.


How it works

A solar panel is made up of many cells made from layers of semiconducting material. When light shines on the panel, direct current (DC) electricity is generated. But the electricity we use is alternating current (AC), so an inverter then converts the DC electricity to AC.

The cells within the panels do not require direct sunlight to work and can even generate on cloudy days. Solar systems are made up of several panels. Typical residential systems contain around 10 – 20 panels, commercial systems can vary vastly depending on building and roof size.

The electricity generated by the system is used directly to power your business, whilst any excess can be stored in a battery used in the evening when the system is not generating power. They can also provide backup power to essential circuits during power outages. If you have an immersion tank, these can also be powered directly by the electricity generated. You can also export any excess energy back to the grid and get paid for it as part of the Smart Export Guarantee.

Let Elecsi take care of it

We design and install all aspects of solar and energy storage systems. Recognising no customer is the same, we take the time to understand what’s needed, and individually design the optimal solar energy performance system for each customer using industry leading technology.

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