Industry leading solar technology

We only supply and fit industry leading technology, ensuring you will have the best performing system to optimise the output for each building’s generating capacity and each businesses individual requirements.

Solar Edge is our go-to system for large commercial systems. Commercial systems usually have larger string sizes because often a much larger inverter is used. Shading or any debris on the panels can become an expensive problem when using a standard string system inverter due to the system working to the lowest generating panel. Solar Edge combats this by using their state-of-the-art optimisers which combat any poor-performing panels enabling the system to carry on producing to its maximum.

The system has a host of benefits but one of the biggest is safety. With larger string systems voltages can easily exceed 1000 volts which can become a big problem should there ever be an issue. Solar Edge reduces each panel down to 1 volt in the event of an emergency or for maintenance purposes.

Each optimiser has built in Arc detection as well which greatly reduces any prospect of a fire being able to start. The system can also be wired into any commercial fire alarm so should there be a fire anywhere in the building and the alarm is triggered, it automatically shuts down the Solar Pv system.

Each panel can be individually monitored so if there is ever an issue the problem can be found easily which is a big plus point if you have several hundred panels!

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