Get more from your solar system

There’s a smart way to make your solar system work harder for you. A solar battery is a device that you can add to your system to store the excess electricity generated by your solar panels. You can then use that stored energy to power your home in the evening when the system isn’t generating electricity and also during power outages.


Save even more on your electricity bills

We all know a solar system can save you money, but add a battery into the mix and you could save even more. How much? It’s all dependent on your system and battery size but the main aim would be to limit your use from the grid and sizing a battery to suit your needs.

Be more sustainable

When you install a solar battery, you get to use more of the solar energy your system produces. If you don’t have that electricity to fall back on when your panels are not generating electricity, you’ll have to use electricity from the grid. Pairing solar with storage is the best way to ensure that your home maintains the smallest carbon footprint as possible.

Power backup

A solar battery will keep your lights on and your phones charged, even when your neighbours’ power is out. Normally, solar panels stop producing electricity when the power goes out in order to prevent feedback to the grid. But when you pair a battery to your solar system, your solar panels keep powering your home and charging your battery. A solar battery gives you peace of mind knowing that even when there is a power cut, you will still have electricity.

How much does it cost?

Solar batteries will add to the cost of your system, but they are a smart investment if paired correctly. We supply and fit a range of sizes of batteries, we bespoke build every system and your battery size will depend on how much energy your system will generate, how much energy you use and therefore the estimated extra energy you’ll have available to store.

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